SMS+ v SMS Lite comparison

2sms creates a communications tool for business that helps streamline processes and drive customer engagement.  Whether a customer-facing department or internal operations, 2sms offers a variety of tools to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Our messaging platform can be configured to reflect your business' unique structure, size and budget.


SMS LITE only permits regular SMS services.

SMS+ allows for everything in LITE plus an advanced set of features and capabilities.


Customers purchasing LITE message credits are considered LITE customers.

Customers purchasing SMS+ credits (regular or off peak) are considered Business customers.

2sms ID and Password
Advanced Password Setting
ADFS (Active Directory)  
2 Factor Authentication  
Multi-user Tracking  
Recipient Authentication  
Message Lifespan Control  
Delivery Receipts
Read Receipts  
End-to-End Encryption  
Web Application
Mobile App
API & Software Library
24/7 Operator Assistance  
Throughput 20 messages per second 240+ messages per second
Platform Redundancy  
Gateway Redundancy  
Service Level Agreement  
Quick View
Real Time Dashboard  
Data Archiving   10 Years
Delivery Receipt
Read Receipt  
ISO27001:2013 Platform  
GSA Schedule  
HIPAA Compliant (Secure SMS)  
Internet2 Certified  
8 to 5 eMail Support
Extended Hours Live Chat - Sales Enquires
Extended Hours Live Chat - Customer Support  
24/7/365 Live Support  
24/7/365 Technical Support  
Failed Message Investigation  
Address Book Management  
Group Management  
Group Messaging  
Schedule Messaging  
Long Messages  
Unicode Messages (Arabic, Mandarin, etc.)  
Global Reach-list  
Recurring Messaging  
Fixed Messaging  
Contact Importer  
Secure Messaging  
Threaded Messaging  
Rich Content Messaging (HTML5)  
Data Collect & Publish  
Work-flow Automation  
Drip Messaging  
Rules Based Message Routing  
Bi-directional Unicode  
Group Segmentation  
Administrative Interface  
Low Balance Alert
Hierarchy Management  
Role Based Web Console  
Logging Reporting  
User Management  
Message Usage Threshold  
Duplicate Message Detection  
Message Credit Expiration Annual *See T's&C's
Payment Type Credit Card, Paypal Invoicing, Credit Card, Paypal
Outbound SMS — Domestic UK 1 Credit 1 Credit
Outbound SMS — International 3 Credits Based on Tier (0.5, 1 or 1.5 Credits)
Read msg by recipient — Regular SMS 0 Credit 0 Credit
Read msg by recipient — SMS+ ½ Credit ½ Credit
Failed SMS (Failed Stop and Invalid Number Format) ¼ Credit ¼ Credit
Inbound SMS 1 Credit 1 Credit
Inbound Forwarding (eMail, URL) ½ Credit ½ Credit
Email ½ Credit ½ Credit
XML Reporting ¼ Credit ¼ Credit
Message deletion ¼ Credit 0.1 Credit



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