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RSA® Authentication Manager V8.0 Integration

RSA Authentication Manager allows VPN access to corporate IT systems. One option is to issue a single use SMS message each time a user logs in. If your organization uses RSA Authentication Manager, you can use your 2sms account for the delivery of login PINs for the RSA product.


RSA Authentication Manager offers the option of using SMS messages instead of authentication tokens. A SMS message is sent when the user starts the login process. This SMS message is a single-use code that cannot be passed on to another person.


The technical guide provides detailed setup information, but the process is basically an encrypted HTTPS GET command sent by RSA to 2sms in order to initiate a SMS message to be send to the user's mobile phone.



Base URL
Parameters username=$cfg.user&password=$cfg.password&mobile=$msg.address&sms=$msg.message
Username 2sms issued username
Password 2sms issued password
Connection Timeout Default (5,000ms)
Success Response Code OK
Response Format (OK)



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