Internet2 Service Provider SMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  •  What is the company and what service do they offer?

    2sms provides enterprise communications solutions for business, government, and educational entities. Working with an array of customizable options, we tailor SMS, secure messaging, and email communication solutions to the specific needs of each unique business requirement.


  •  What is the relationship between the company and Internet2?

    Internet2 has signed a Master Business Agreement (MBA) with 2sms that provides various terms and conditions specific to the higher education community.


  •  Do I have to be a direct Internet2 member to sign up for the Internet2 NET+ cloud service?



  •  How secure is the service? Will my privacy be ensured? Is data stored only in the U.S?

    2sms invests heavily in ISO27001:2013 certification, which greatly reduces the risk of systems being tampered by outside sources. 2sms is ISO27001:2013 certified by an accredited ISO auditor. Your data is stored in US data centers or we can customize to store it on your private cloud services.


  •  How will the service support institutional compliance requirement such as FERPA and HIPPA?

    2sms is ISO27001:2013 certified and we can pass any InfoSec questionnaire required by any organization. Our SMS+ product is fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant.


  •  What applications are available either from the service or third parties?


  •  Who can use this service offering?

    All Internet2 members and affiliated institutions.


  •  How does my institution sign up for the service?


  •  Where can I find out more and stay informed?


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