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2sms provides you with an Enterprise Messaging service which is hosted on Cloud resources located exclusively in the USA, supported by dedicated staff in the US.



2sms has US and international customers who use the same platform. Regulators on both sides of the pond have been upgrading the privacy laws, with GDPR in Europe and SOC2 and HIPAA in the USA. 2sms has decided that in order to best support it's clients, we will supply a dedicated US based platform for US customers, and a separate European based platform for our European clients.




We are therefore announcing a change for you.




From today, our web site for US customers will move to from



Our API platform for US customers will move to This is a change from the existing resource, which will discontinue on November 30th 2019.



When making this change, you will NOT need to change account credentials, so your ID and password will work on the new platform. All your historical data, user accounts and other configurations has been migrated.



From November 30th 2019, we will close the domain to US customers. The domain is exclusively available for US customers from today.




2sms will make its technical support people available to assist you in moving to the new domain. Email support is at and phone support at 877-276-7266.



Thank-you for your continued business with 2sms LLC.










Q : Why are you making this change?


A : To make sure that there is a dedicated platform for our US customers, located in the US, supported by US staff.




Q : What change do I have to make if I only use your web portal?


A : Simply log on to with your same ID and password that you use today.




Q : What change do I make if I use your XML API?


A : will become




Q: I use your email to SMS service and send emails to What will I know use?


A: Send the emails in the same format to




Q: I have keywords or short codes set up with you. Will these need to change?


A: No, continue to use them as normal.




Q: I use your RESTful API? What changes are there for me?


A : API Calls to will need to move to




Q: I use your SMPP service. What will I need to do?


A: Use




Q: I use your SNPP service. What will I need to do?


A: Use




Q: I have a VPN endpoint with 2sms. What changes?


A: We will have to work with you to schedule a cut over.




Q: Can I use the new services today?


A: Yes. You can use them today.




Q: What happens if I use a mix of and


A: Until Nov 30th, this will work fine. After Nov 30th, you will not be able to access with your current credentials. will work fine.




Q: I have multiple sub accounts. Will these work?


A: Yes. Simply advise your users to use the domain.




Q: Will your support email and phone numbers change?


A: Email support is at and phone support at 877-276-7266



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