Building blocks to add SMS+ to your business workflow


SMS+ Apps : Pre-packaged functionality

Sending messages, auto responding, opening secure conversation.....

Secure Messaging



Protect your enterprise communications and meet compliance standards by sending end-to-end encrypted secure message.

Data Collect & Publish


Launch an interactive mobile survey or poll, and collect data that is crucial to your organization's business.    Quickly collect any type of data from your end users.

Threaded Messaging



Make a separate thread when discussing another subject with the same end user.  Control your inbound and outbound under one subject.

Rich Content



With SMS+, sending long message, in any language in any format.  You are no longer limited to wireless operator's character encoding rules.

Business Logic



You can customize SMS+ in many ways, giving you the ability to communicate the most efficient and effective way.


Bi-directional Messaging


Integrate our 2-way messaging to send and receive SMS via API or application.



Emergency Communications


Lighting fast throughput which bypasses smart filters.  24/7/365 Live Operator to assist you with your emergency communications.

Drip Messaging


Send a timed series of text messages to groups or a contact automatically.  Learn more about preset campaigns.


 Bulk Messaging


Sending mass text messages with ease. Use our simple interface(s) for blasting bulk messages.



SMS to Port Destination


Send SMS messages to a mobile application and have the application take some type of action based upon the content of the SMS message.

Machine to SMS


Send SMS alerts to a group distribution from a data device.  Simple and easy integration for any data device with SMS capability.


eMail to SMS


Send SMS messages to mobile devices using any eMail client. Simple and easy to send to an eMail format mobile destination.


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