Building blocks to add SMS+ to your business workflow

Apps overview


  •  Web portal

    A browser based application allowing you to enjoy our SMS+ service.


  •  SMS+

    An enhanced SMS service allowing single sign on, rich content 5,000 character messages, control on message delivery and audit trail. SMS+ has been developed to meet the needs of enterprise and public sector customers.


  •  Outbound SMS

    The ability to send outbound SMS messages from our portal or API to mobile recipients.


  •  Inbound SMS (2way)

    The ability to receive inbound messages from mobile phones into our platform, for onward handling including processing pre-set responses to the inbound via trigger messaging.

  •  Single sign-on

    The ability to sign on to the 2sms online portal SMS+ service using your corporate ID and password.


  •  Address book / group list management


  •  Long message

    The ability to send a message of up to 5,000 characters including a reply button for response collection.


  •  SMS+ message

    SMS+ provides the ability to send enhanced content including logos, disclaimers, color and fonts, images and links. The ability to control who reads the message and how it is read, including the option to limit the number of reads and/or the lifespan of the message. Benefit from message encryption and a comprehensive audit trail.


  •  Teamdata


  •  Trigger messaging

  •  Drip messaging

  •  Round robin messaging


  •  email to SMS


  •  SMS to port


  •  Business continuity / Emergency planning


  •  Workflow


  •  Machine to machine


  •  Mobile apps


  •  Office365 integration


  •  Sharepoint / CRM  / Salesforce integration


  •  Reporting services / audit trail


  •  APIs




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